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Moshi is a small, lively town in the foothills of Africa’s highest mountain – Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s the traditional starting point for beautiful mountain hikes and wildlife safaris. It has an atmosphere all its own, filled with lively markets of the Chagga tribe and in close proximity to traditional Maasai villages.

Moshi allows for the combination of both cultural expeditions and many natural wonders. The hikes surrounding Moshi are truly breathtaking. Enjoy a day hike to one of the beautiful waterfalls on the slopes of Kilimanjaro and hike through the dramatic rain forests. If you’re seeking perfect relaxation, choose between Lake Chala at the Kenyan border or the Hot Springs – a true swimming hole oasis in the midst of the Tanzanian steppe.

We will also happily arrange for individual day trips, such as game drives in the Manyara National Park or an excursion to Maasai villages. If these day excursions interest you, please send us an inquiry.


Hike on the slopes of Kilimanjaro to one of the fresh waterfalls and enjoy Tanzania’s beautiful rain forest. The Marangu waterfalls tour offers a brief excursion to old caves of the Chagga tribe, whereas the Materuni waterfalls tour offers a scenic forest hike and a traditional coffee tour.

from 40$ per person

Lake Chala

Lake Chala is a clear lake that is fed by cold underground streams from Kilimanjaro and offers the ideal landscape to relax and a nice place to swim (and maybe spot a baboon or monkey!). Hike along the crater lake or kayak around the edge of the Kenyan border while on this tour.

from 80$ per person

Hot Springs

Visit the Chemka Hot Springs, a tropical oasis in the midst of Maasai dry lands – only one hour away from Moshi. The luke-warm and clear-blue water offers a beautiful spot for relaxation and cooling down from the busier life in Moshi.

from 45$ per person

Visit the Maasai in Msitu wa Tembo

Coming soon.

from 65$ per person

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Combine your strenuous mountain hike with a beautiful and relaxing day tour to Moshi's blue waters, or with an exciting Safari to Tanzania's beautiful wilderness. Feel free to inquire about an individual holiday package that suits all your needs!

From $850

per person
4 Days

Amazing Safari to Tanzania's best National Parks

From $1400

per person
6 or 7 Days

Adventurous Hike to Mount Kilimanjaro

From $500

per person
2 Days

Short trip to Tanzania's famous Ngorongoro Crate and Lake Manyara