Lake Chala

Enjoy the Lake's Tranquility

This beautiful lake is an about one and a half hour drive away from Moshi. The high volcanic activity in this region many thousands of years ago has left us with incredible natural sights, for example the Lake Chala which has formed in a caldera right at the border between Tanzania and Kenya. We will pick you up at your Moshi hotel in the morning for the one and a half hour long, somewhat bumpy drive to Lake Chala. Close by the lake you can enjoy the view in the beautiful traditional bar right next to it, but you can also go down for a short hike and enjoy the refreshing waters, or hire a kayak. The small stage at the lake is also a perfect spot for a relaxing picnic with your friends.

Price Table

1 Person: 135$

2 Persons: 120$ per Person

3 Persons: 95$ per Person

4 Persons: 80$ per Person

5 Persons: 70$ per Person

6 or more Persons: 65$ per Person

Included: Transport and driver, entrance fees, lunchbox, water.

We happily arrange your airport-pickup, accommodation, further activities, and further personal equipment for and with you.

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